Candidate, City Council, Santa Fe District 4

Rebecca Romero
Do you agree with climate scientists that we are facing a climate emergency?


Do you agree with climate scientists that greenhouse gas emissions must be reversed within 10 years in order to achieve carbon neutrality in time to keep global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees and to avoid catastrophic runaway climate disruption?


In your opinion, why do political leaders set benchmarks and timeframes for emissions reductions that do not comport with climate science mandates? If elected, what will you do differently than current leadership?
I cant answer to why other have made these decisions, but I can say that if elected I will work with current administration to ensure that our city makes emissions testing mandated for vehicles. We as a capital city need to maintain the purity of our air and land.
If elected, what specific policies will you initiate in your first year of service to implement the Sustainable Santa Fe Plan and to transition our economy to net zero carbon emissions in the timeframe set by the world’s leading scientists?

If elected I would ensure that I get emissions testing to be mandated on all vehicles in Santa Fe. We have too many vehicle that put of smog that can be fixed and pass emissions, and if not passed they will need to find another means to follow emissions regulations.

What measures will you propose and advance to ensure that investments in economic recovery and the transition to a green economy foster equity and economic & racial justice?

I believe that working with many local advocates will need to be something I will ensure. As a new candidate to politics I believe that going to the individuals who know and research this topic will be the best to help maintain the relationship and investments in economic recovery.

If elected, will you support investment in community-driven climate mitigation and adaptation strategies? Explain.
Yes, I believe that anything we can do to protect the City and our community should be the number 1 priority. I believe that the changing climates affect many community members and making sure our community is my drive.
If elected, how will you include Indigenous and traditional land-based knowledge in the development of a sustainable economy for Santa Fe?

I currently have worked with indigenous cultures and I would continue to work with them and make sure we keep that well working relationship with all. I believe that we need to include all entities and people to endure the right direction for sustainable economy.

Who will you talk to about climate issues? Who advises you? What is your plan for community consultation on climate issues?

I believe starting with Yucca would be the best effort on where to go, who to talk to, and who to work with. I believe working together will make this city stronger and make efforts go along way.

Define environmental racism in your own words and provide an example in NM

Environmental racism is when discrimination is with in the policy making and regulations, targeting neighborhoods or communities of different race. New Mexico has had several situations when it comes to environmental racism. One being the project Y which is in Los Alamos and forcibly made the community move which they took land unlawfully, this than ends up to current issues with the WIPP and hazardous chemicals and by product from Los Alamos being placed in small towns in southern NM.

Do you believe climate action is an issue of intergenerational justice? What is the responsibility of your generation to the youth and future generations while in office? Explain.

Yes, I believe the resources and education has changed for current and future generations and I believe if we bring back the education we can help reach many youth to want to help maintain and clean up our environment.

What are your ideas to reduce the City's dependence on state revenues derived from oil and gas development and to increase LOCAL revenue generation from sustainable sources?

I think we need to research other ways to bring in revenue to the city. I would really like to work with current administration to get Mid-town to bring in non-governmental jobs and make it an attraction to the city to help bring in the revenue.

Do you support energy democracy? How will you integrate this approach to energy justice into public policy?

I think anyway we can make our city greener would be best. I would like to work with builders and contractors to see how they can build greener apartments or homes for our community.

Some are saying that COVID-19 is the dress rehearsal for the climate crisis. In fact, in many places throughout the world, the two are compounding crises. What do you think we can learn from the COVID-19 crisis when addressing the climate crisis?
I think we have alot more to learn about COVID and we need to work with all entities to ensure we have the resources to control both. I believe if people would have more resources and more ways to see how the climate is being effected, I think it will help in the future.

Describe your previous experience working on social/health/environmental issues, do you have experience working with impacted communities to co-develop solutions? How will you use this experience to tackle the climate crisis?
Have you accepted any donations from fossil fuel companies or utilities? Yes/No

Will you take the #fossilfree pledge?