William Kinney


Candidate, NM House District 38

Do you agree with climate scientists that we are facing a climate emergency?


Do you agree with climate scientists that greenhouse gas emissions must be reversed within 12 years in order to achieve carbon neutrality in time to keep global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees and to avoid catastrophic runaway climate disruption?


In your opinion, why do political leaders set benchmarks and timeframes for emissions reductions that do not comport with  climate science mandates? If elected, what will you do differently than current leadership?

As a State House Representative I have very little authority to enact anything outside my district. I believe that no matter what “experts” believe on climate change, we all, as individuals, should do what we can to lower any possible human negative effect on our environment.

If elected, what specific policies will you initiate in your first year of service to begin transitioning our economy to net zero carbon emissions in the timeframe set by the world’s leading scientists?

None. Southern New Mexico is in a critical economic situation as it depends on extractive industries for it’s public funds. 2020-2021 will be very trying times for the citizens in my District, especially due to the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic forced using SS closures.

What measures will you propose and advance to ensure that economic recovery and the transition to a green economy fosters equity and economic & racial justice?

By letting the entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists do their thing without over regulation from ignorant legislators.

If elected, will you support the creation of a Just Transition Study & Fund to identify alternative revenue sources for our state budget and invest in community-driven climate mitigation and adaptation strategies?  Explain.

No. But I will support individuals and private businesses involved in green energy possibilities to continue their efforts without government interference.

If elected, how will you include Indigenous and traditional land-based knowledge in the development of a sustainable economy for all of NM?

Citizens living in each different region in this State should be free to pursue those activities they deem appropriate to provide for their families and communities, without foolish “One Size Fits All” legislation. What people living in Abiqui want is different than the wants of those in Albuquerque or Mimbres.

Who will you talk to about climate issues? Who advises you? What is your plan for community consultation on climate issues?

Since there is very little a rural District State Rep can do to effect world wide climate effects, I will concentrate my efforts on trying to keep the state legislature from enacting bad laws in all areas, not just climate issues.

Define environmental racism in your own words and provide an example in NM

When people think what is a good idea for Albuquerque is a good idea for everyone in the state.

Do you believe climate action is an issue of intergenerational justice? What is the responsibility of your generation to the youth and future generations while in office? Explain.

My responsibility as a legislator is to try to keep future generations from having to pay for the short sighted and irresponsible actions of the current republicans and Democrats currently in office.

A) Do you support placing a moratorium on new gas development in the state of New Mexico? Why or Why Not?

Yes and no. Private businesses should be able to do what they wish on privately owned land, provided there is no chance of governmental protection from any possible errors on their part. I do not favor any development on public lands.

B) Do you support placing a moratorium on new gas plant investment for utilities in New Mexico? Why or Why Not?

No. Private companies should be able to pursue their goals as long as they receive no protection or favoritism from government.

Do you support nuclear energy? Why or Why Not?

If a private company wishes to provide nuclear powered electric generation to an area willing to buy their product, okay, as long as it does not receive any taxpayer money.

Do you support a competitive energy market where Cities/Counties/Indigenous Nations are able to own, produce, and sell electricity to residents and keep energy dollars local?


Community Solar legislation has been brought up multiple times in the last few years. What is your position on community solar and what will you do to ensure that community solar is prioritized and passes?

Community Solar cannot be made affordable by people in Santa Fe writing a new law. Community Solar will become a reality when the entrepreneurs and engineers figure out how to make it affordable.

What do you believe is the fossil fuel industry/utility’s responsibility for cleanup and how as an elected official in the public office for which you are running do you plan to hold industry accountable for pollution and cleanup?

All businesses and individuals (and government agencies) are responsible for any negative impact on the communities they serve. Our court system is capable of handling disputes equitably provided government keeps it’s nose out of it.

Do you believe bonding rates for industry should cover the full cost of cleanup?


We have seen the oil industry collapse over the last month, with oil prices nosediving. Given our current situation and the danger our state’s budget is in, how do you see the role of oil and gas corporations in New Mexico’s future?

The market actions that effect the overall economy and the extractive industries should be separated from the legislature and the governor’s ability to spend. It will take a long time, but we should return to a State Government that provides a court system and little else. That will lessen the cost of government and allow us to keep more of our own money with which to pursue life, liberty, solar energy and happiness.

Do you support utility bill forgiveness for low-income New Mexicans who have been hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis?


Some are saying that COVID-19 is the dress rehearsal for the climate crisis. In fact, in many places throughout the world, the two are compounding crises. What do you think we can learn from the COVID-19 crisis when addressing the climate crisis?

That Government coercive measures are not the answer.

Describe your previous experience working on social/health/environmental issues, do you have experience working with impacted communities to co-develop solutions? How will you use this experience to tackle the climate crisis?

As a Libertarian, I support voluntary actions by private groups to work on the issues they think are important. My job as a legislator is to keep the government out of those activities.

What are your ideas to loosen the grip of industry on the state legislature and strengthen our democracy?

1) Strict term limits. Perhaps all elected positions are for a six year term, no re-election. 2) Change the focus of the state legislature from a intrusive force into peoples non-violent actions and return it to a body that works solely to protect individual rights.

Name specific alternative sources for state revenue that you'd pursue and propose if elected

I would concentrate on reducing the unnecessary parts of the state government to reduce the scope and cost of out state government. The department of education does not educate anyone and is not necessary, for example. Licensing laws are unnecessary in most cases. When we reduce the size, scope and cost of State Government, we will not have to look for additional sources of revenue. Remember, there is no such thing as “Government money”, it is all taxpayers money.

Have you accepted any donations from fossil fuel companies or utilities? Yes/No


Will you take the #fossilfree pledge? http://nofossilfuelmoney.org/politician-signup/